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Sarcasm 404 - Silicon Valley Edition

Here are some jokes about the most successful (or not so much) companies in the World:


"Why did WeWork fail? Because they tried to create a co-working space for everyone, but ended up with a space that worked for no one."

"You know what they say about WeWork? It was a great place to work, until it wasn't."


"Why did the espresso keep checking his watch? Because he was a little latte to the party, thanks to the long line at Starbucks!"

"Why did the barista keep his job a secret? He didn't want it to spill out at Starbucks!"


"Why did the social media addict break up with Facebook? It was too much of a relationship status update!"

"Why did the computer go to the doctor? It had a virus it caught from scrolling through Facebook too much!"


"Why did the Tesla cross the road? To get to the charging station on the other side!"

"Why did Elon Musk break up with his girlfriend, who was a mathematician?

Because she kept saying, "Let's be rational", and he was all about going to Mars!"


"Why did the Microsoft employee go to the doctor?

Because they couldn't Excel at anything!"

Why did the web developer break up with Microsoft Edge? Because it kept telling him to "Let it be the default!"

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