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Image by Alexander Shatov

AKA "Oasis Stories" Room

RoundZero's Podcast Room is a creative haven for shooting top-notch podcasts and vodcasts. With optimal acoustic treatment, high-end lighting, versatile backdrops, and all the editing tools you need, our studio ensures high-quality, polished productions. Step in and elevate your podcasting game!

The Power of
Human Voice

In a world filled with noise, the importance of meaningful conversations about things that truly matter cannot be overstated. It is through these discussions that ideas are exchanged, perspectives are challenged, and change is ignited. And at the heart of these conversations lies the undeniable power of the human voice.

Our voices have the ability to convey emotions, captivate attention, and inspire action. They carry the weight of our experiences, thoughts, and beliefs, creating connections that transcend boundaries. When we engage in conversations that matter, we have the opportunity to cultivate empathy, foster understanding, and find common ground amidst diverse viewpoints.

Your Voice Matters

Book our incredible Podcast Room and let our team of experts work their magic to help you produce, film, and upload your mind-blowing content.


Unleash Your Voice,

Master the Pod!

"Oasis Stories" Room

Capacity: 6 people

Reservation Options:

Hourly/ Daily/ Monthly


Vodcast Vibes: Lights,

Camera, Impact!

Let's Talk it Over

So let us embrace the power of our voices and engage in conversations that matter. Let us listen actively, speak thoughtfully, and create spaces where meaningful dialogue can flourish. By doing so, we contribute to a world where ideas are valued, understanding is nurtured, and positive change becomes possible.

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