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From bold new products to game-changing services, our project page is where you can explore the future of our business and get inspired to join us on our journey to greatness. Discover the projects that are shaping our vision and see how we're making a difference in the world. Welcome to our world of innovation!

Professional Dreamers

Are you feeling lost or overwhelmed when it comes to planning your career future? Let our  Professional Mentors guide you towards success! Our team of experienced consultants provides personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

Image by Monica Garniga

Oasis Project

At Oasis, we provide a haven for individuals to gather, share thoughts, debate current events, and ignite their passions. Our engaging platform offers interactive talks, forums, and seminars where everyone has a voice and is encouraged to participate actively.

Image by Etienne Girardet


Looking for high-quality merchandise that not only showcases your support for RoundZero but also helps fund other startups? Look no further than #Notready's merchandise line! From stylish t-shirts and hoodies to sleek water bottles and tote bags, our products are designed with both functionality and fashion in mind. And the best part? A portion of our sales goes towards funding other startups, so you can feel good about your purchase knowing you're supporting the entrepreneurial community. 

Image by Ross Findon
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